Jeff Adams Scam Prevention- Success in a Downturned Real Market


Today’s real estate professionals face challenges that the business hasn’t seen in years, possibly in the whole history of selling real estate. New housing starts are down as builders struggle with their own issues of rising costs, and a lack of interested or capable buyers. Homeowners, redden with cash from the sale of overpriced homes a few years back, bought houses that they really couldn’t afford using variable rate mortgages.

Compounding all of this of course is the render down of the sub-prime mortgage market. Greedy lenders, in their hunt massive financial gain, granted loans to people who really didn’t qualify for them. As these people began to default on their loans, the lending institutions were in turn forced to default on their own obligations.

More and more, people who make their living selling real estate are seeking alternative careers. In some cases, they seek to supplement their declining incomes as they wait for the marketplace to come back. Others, perhaps the more practical, are moving on altogether. Real estate training in spite of, these people realizes that they are in fact sales professionals, and that there has to be a better way. Earning profits in real estate is no longer a sensible profession.

As these professionals assess career alternatives, many are looking at internet based direct marketing opportunities for a number of reasons. Apart from the huge possible that the internet represents, a home-based direct marketing commerce can be started while still continuing with current service. So someone who realizes that transform is necessary but isn’t quite ready to make the leap can only ease into it. Still, once these individuals see the success that awaits them in their new attempt, many simply give up real estate and become full time internet network marketers.

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Jeff Adams Scam-Beware of Worst Real Estate Scams

jeff adams scam

Real estate partnerships- have you ever been involved in one? They can be a high-quality vehicle in certain situations but they can ruin you too if you go down for a real estate investing scam. Get these tips and use them and hold on to your money.

  • The property’s representative is not capable to meet with you in person:

You should always be confident that you’re dealing directly with the property’s owner or a genuine representative. Landlord and seller impersonation happens more often than you would think, and even the smartest of renters and buyers have fallen victim to silver-tongued con artists like these. If they claim to work for a real estate company, call the office and double check.

  • The property they show you is dissimilar than the one you saw online:

You’ve been looking around online for the ideal place for weeks, and you’ve lastly found it. But when you arrange to meet with the seller, you’re told that that particular property is not accessible. Tell them you aren’t interested and start your search over.

  • They’re asking for money early on:

Never hand over your hard-earned money before you’ve verified that you are dealing with a legitimate representative, you’ve seen the possessions itself, and, perfectly, you’ve had a real estate attorney look over all the attendant paperwork. If they’re asking for money up front, you should be doubtful.

  • They’re asking you to wire money:

If you’re being asked to wire money, especially before you’ve seen a goods in person or been able to verify the uniqueness of the landlord or seller, don’t. Odds are, the person you’re dealing with is not the actual landlord or seller and they’re trying to take down a property.

Successful investors are not scared to stand up for their interest when things seem to shift. A balanced portfolio plan will make it easier for you to mark when something does not fit your plan. Your contract addendums will help extremely. No one, even a partner should control your investments.

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