A few tips to increase the sale price of the house Jeff Adams

Jeff Adams Tips

Every seller wants to sell home for the highest price in the shortest amount of time. Here are ten Ways you raise the selling price of your home.

Cleaning and Organize – Give the home a good cleaning. Remove and store unused items and file formalities. Keep all rooms clean and neat for showing.

Brighten– Replace all burnt out light bulbs and open window shades in the home when showings are planned.

Stage the Home – also by yourself or with a specialized staging company. This will give the home a fresh, clean look.

Landscape – Mow, border and remove weeds from the lawn, weed the flower beds, trees and add some colorful flowers. During the summer sessions ensure the lawn is cut as often as needed. This is your best shot at a great first impression!

Carpet Cleaning – A dirty carpet gives the home a dirty feel. If the carpet is in good quality shape having the carpet shampooed may be all it needs.

Electrical – Repair any electrical issues the home may have. You may need to hire a professional but it is worth the cost. A home not running properly will receive low-ball offers.

Flooring – Repair and refinish damaged floors. Replace any broken tiles. Give the floors and floor grout an excellent cleaning. This will give the house a good feeling.

Inside Paint – any damaged inside walls by patching chips, holes and cracks. Touch up where needed. The inside must be painted with neutral colors; if you have any rooms that are not impartial you may want to consider repaint those rooms. This gives the home a good and fresh look and is worth.

Outside Paint –It’s first impression item. Fix any wall damage. Seal exterior wall cracks, pressure wash and touch up or redecorated the exterior where needed. Fix the exterior may not make you extra money but not fixing the exterior could cost you a sale.

Kitchen and Bathrooms – All Buyers first like kitchens Areas. An outdated kitchen can just kill a sale. Update your kitchen and bathrooms by cleaning or resurfacing cabinet. Replace toilet seats. Restore dated fixtures and cabinet handles with latest styles. Having an up to date kitchen is a great selling feature in a home.


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