Jeff Adams Scam Baiting -Principles in Real Estate


Real estate markets in most countries are not as organized or efficient as markets for other, more liquid investment instruments. Individual properties are unique to themselves and not directly interchangeable, which presents a major challenge to an investor seeking to evaluate prices and investment opportunities.

Some properties just require way too much time and management to make them smart investments. Mortgage and asset fraud are at an all-time high and there are serious penalty for appraisers who become involved in suspicious transactions.

Some types of commercial real estate scams are given below.

  • Misrepresentations made by sellers to buyers
  • Misrepresentations made by brokers to buyers
  • Misrepresentations made by borrowers to lenders
  • Misrepresentations made by brokers to lenders

Jeff Adams, best-seller author and investor has been helping thousands of regular people reclaim their lives and create personal financial freedom by implementing his real estate systems for success. Jeff Adams Scam baiting principles really helpful to beginners in real estate field.

Appraisers who can detect scam can protect themselves from relying on wrong information that could compromise the valuation analysis. By thinking critically and challenging assumptions, commercial appraisers can keep out of trouble, whether it is problem for themselves or for others who relay on their work.

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