Jeff Adams Real Estate Investment Seminars in Promise Millions

ImageLast week, I visited one of those free Jeff Adams real estate seminars  investment that purport to teach you how to cash in with their certain investment methods after I’d heard their announcement on a local radio station.  I have heard about these seminars in the past and, eternally a skeptic, decided to check it out for myself.

After hearing the ad, which promised that I’d Make a lot of money investing in real estate, I knew that there is some kind of catch, so naturally, I register.

The seminar was at a meeting center here in town, and there were 65 or 75 people present when we showed up, all of whom seemed keen for the event to begin.  In the meantime, we watched a promotional video for the company that also made promises about quick money and all the financial liberty that flipping homes for income has to offer.

At the end of the seminar, the anchor encouraged the crowd to make their way to the back, hand over their credit cards and sign up for the 3-day course.


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